Attorney Of Counsel to Feldman Shepherd

Most recently, I was appointed "Attorney of Counsel" to then nationally renowned law firm of  "Feldman Shepherd, Trial Attorneys" located in the heart of Philadelphia. 


When an attorney is appointed "Of Counsel" to another law firm, it gives him the ability to utilize that firm's resources for the purpose of providing his clients with those resources. I would strongly suggest that you visit the websites of Feldman Shepherd and JohnJ Bublewicz, LLC,  as many of the case results listed were the product of this joint venture between myself and my colleagues in Philadelphia.


Although FS focuses very heavily on medical malpractice issues, they also have been involved in catastrophic injury cases of all sorts. They recently negotiated a $50 million settlement with IKEA regarding the tip over cases that killed or seriously injured many toddlers because of faulty design. They also obtained a $30 million judgment at trial against the state of New Jersey because they failed to properly maintain very large dead trees along the roadway that catastrophically injured a man for life when one of the branches from the tree fell on his vehicle and caused an horrific car accident.


These are just a few examples and, as I indicated above, a visit to the website will give further examples. I merely wanted to make sure that all of my past clients, colleagues, acquaintances and friends were aware that I have access to incredibly sophisticated resources involving any type of catastrophic injury. Lastly, it should be noted that FS has tried cases all over the country, so if anyone in another state needs premier legal services please feel free to have them contact me for consultation her in one of my three offices in Mercer County. 


The "Of Counsel" appointment and affiliation with Feldman Shepherd is one of which I am happy to share with all of the clients, colleagues and friends that I have made as I now approach my 30th anniversary as a solo practitioner.


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