Impressive Results

Impressive Results

  • $1,750,000    Failure to Diagnose Meningitis

  • $1,250,000    Failure to Diagnose Cancer

  • $1,000,000    Truck Collision at Industrial Site

  • $1,000,000    Pharmacy/Physician Neglect

  • $675,000       Supermarket Slip and Fall 

  • $400,000       Auto Accident

  • $300,000       Landlord Neglect

  • $250,000       Defective Cosmetic Product Liability

  • $250,000       Hammer Injures Iron Worker

  • $250,000       Slip and Fall on Ice


Details of Sample Cases Below


Failure to Diagnose Meningitis - $1,750,000 Recovered (Settlement)

Emerson's mother came to me when he was about five years old. Emerson was severely neurologically disabled following a bout with meningitis he was about two years old. Several large law firms turned her away. After thoroughly investigating the facts and circumstances surrounding the meningitis, we found that the doctors were negligent and failed to listen to his mother and ordered the appropriate tests. The settlement was placed in a special-needs trust and his mother was able to buy a home that accommodated his disabilities.


Failure to Diagnose Cancer - $1,250,000 Recovered (Settlement)

Bob came to me he was treating his cancer. He didn't understand why it was not diagnosed earlier as he had given the Doctor all of his complaints and could not understand why they had not taken certain diagnostic testing that would've discovered the cancer earlier and undoubtedly made it more treatable. Although Bob passed away during dependency of the litigation, we were able to secure a significant settlement for his estate so that his family could provide for themselves after his death.


Rear Ended by a Truck - $1,000,000 Recovered (Settlement)

Jeff was leaving work when one of his employees, driving a large box truck, slid on ice that the landlord permitted to form at the exit to the industrial complex. Jeff sustained severe cervical spine injuries and underwent surgery. Eventually, we were able to obtain total disability benefits in workers compensation court, and throught the State of New Jersey's second injury fund, as well as a significant reward in Superior Court for the industrial site complexes negligence.


Pharmacy/Physician Neglect - $1,000,000 Recovered (Settlement)

Sam came to me after he was diagnosed with a neurological disorder that was caused from an allergic reaction because the doctor that he was seeing failed to listen to his complains about the adverse reaction that he was having after the drug was prescribed. He began to lose all of his hair and much of his sight. Although a hotly contested case, we were able to secure substantial compensation for him to help him with his needs for the rest of his life.


Supermarket Slip/Fall - $675,000 Recovered (Jury Verdict)

Catherine went to give her husband the money for lunch at the Shop Rite where he as working. As she was leaving the store, she slipped on water in one of the aisles and sustained a very bad ankle and foot injury. Shop Rite denied liability and said that it was her own fault because they had placed warning signs in the area. After a lengthy trial, the jury found that Shop Rite was negligent and tried to cover up the accident. Although Catherine will have foot and ankle problems for the rest of her life, we were able to obtain the compensation she will need to assist her in raising her family.


Auto Accident - $400,000 Recovered (Jury Verdict)

Elsie was driving home from work one afternoon when a car turned and struck the right rear quarter panel of her truck, sending it into a spin. She hit a telephone pole and sustained injuries to her cervical spine and her shoulder. The driver was underinsured and we brought a claim against Elsie's own insurance company for underinsured motorist benefits. Her insurance company offered her $100,000 to settle. The jury awarded her over $400,000. Obviously, we were very happy with the result.


Landlord Neglect - $300,000 Recovered (Jury Verdict)

Darlene worked for another attorney in a little office in a building where the landlord did not pay much attention to the condition of the building. She had to step up on a footstool to reach the thermostat because it had been placed too high on the wall to reach. We brought a claim against the landlord and the electrical contractor that had placed the thermostat where she could not reach it after she fell from the step stool and sustained a very bad foot and ankle injury. In addition to obtaining her fair compensation in workers compensation court, the jury awarded her $265,000 as well for her pain and suffering that she will endure for the rest of her life. She was 64 years old.


Defective Cosmetic Product Liability - $250,000 Recovered (Settlement)

Maria purchasde cosmetic products online and the company from Texas provided her with wrinkle reducing cream. After developing an allergic reaction, she contacted the company and, rather than tell her to see a physician or discontinue use, they took advantage of her and sold her more products, causing further burning and scarring. Initially, the defendant failed to offer any compensation. While picking a jury in Superior Court, they reversed course and acknowledged their negligence and paid her compensation.



Hammer Drill Injures Iron Worker - $250,000 Recovered (Settlement)

Richard was using a hammer drill motor placed into the stream of commerce by a well known German manufacturer. Someone on the job site removed the safety arm. The drill torqued and caused severe wrist injuries requiring fusion surgery. We sued the manufacturer of the product after an expert opined that a shut off and safety button could have been easily incorporated into the design of the product, which would have prevented it's use without the safety arm. In addition to the workers compensation benefits granted, we were able to obtain a significant award from the manufacturer and the general contractor for placing the drill in its condition on the site for his use. 


Slip and Fall on Ice - $250,000 Recovered (Settlement)

Mary was walking her dog outside of her apartment when she slipped on ice that had accumulated because the landlord failed to take any measures to remove the snow and ice and place salt and sand down. The investigation revealed that the landlord owned many properties and never hired any contractors to do the job right. Mary fractured her arm requiring surgery. The case settled as we were picking the jury. 



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